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You'll probably agree that it sounds incredible – to bring your broken car to service and have it repaired by Niki Lauda or Michael Schumacher personally! This however is not a sensation for many Pula's cycling enthusiasts, who have been bringing their ramshackled bikes to service to Sisan (a small place between Medulin and Pula passing through Sikici) for about 15 years, directly to the celebrated  Pula's and world cycling ace, Bruno Bulic.

-I began cycling in 1972, when I was 14 (and a half) years old. That year, the last stage of the race „Kroz Jugoslaviju“ („Through Yugoslavia“) passed between Pula and Medulin and it was crucial. When I saw all that bikes, the bicycle caravan, it felt just like the youth relay race together with Tito was passing.-

-I wasn't much of a strong athlete. When playing soccer, I was kind of awkward, clumsy. But when we rode to school on our bikes, I realized how much superior I was compared to the others. You know that motorcycles with two speeds, called Tomos Kolibric? Well, I was able to leave them behind without any problem,. It was just then that I felt that it was my call.-

Bruno Bulic won a total of 64 cycling races during his career. He participated in two Olympic Games (Moscow and Los Angeles), took part in the Giro d'Italia wearing the professional jersey of two Italian teams and also passed all the major European and international cycling races.

After the impressive cycling career, this sports champion decided in his „peaceful“ years to continue to deal with his great love – the bike. Bruno Bulic is still full of passion for bikes. How could he not be when they indelibly marked his life! Beside a Fanta and some wafers, in the short breaks between the assemblying of a BMX bike, and surrounded by bike frames hanging from the ceiling like colorful chandeliers, our host tells us about the beginnings of his bright career, professional cyclism nowadays and the current situation of cyclism in Croatia.

In his 15-year-long career Bruno Bulic has won 8 national (Yugoslavian) titles (4 in both the senior and junior categories) in the mountain, road and time trial races. He also was a winner in cyclocross races, which made him climb the podium for 27 times.

His career counts a total of 63 victories, which made him  proclaimed the best athlete twice (in 1978 and 1981) in the region of Istria and Kvarner, which was a very strong cycling region at that time. He has won twice the Balkans Championship in team competition (in 1980 and 1983). At the Mediterranean Games in Split (in 1979) and in Casablanca (in 1983) he has won silver and bronze medals. He was the winner of several prestigious races such as „Kroz Istru“, „Kroz Jugoslaviju“, „Jadranska magistrala“, „Giro del Friuli“, „Giro della Toscana“, „Giro della Val d'Aosta“. At the World Championships in Belgium (in 1976) and in Switzerland (in 1983) he has won the 5th and 6th team placement. He performed at the Olympic Games twice in a row: Moscow in 1980 (8th team placement) and Los Angeles in 1984 (9th team placement). Since 1986 Bruno Bulic became a professional cyclist and performed at various professional races of which the most important were: 25th place in the overall standings of the Giro d'Italia, 9th place at the Giro dell'Appennino, 10th place at the Asturias and Cantabria, 11th place at the Vuelta. His career ended in 1988 because of a severe knee injury, he was then the Siporex-Pula Cyclin Team coach from 1989 to 1992.

Intro & interview by R.Vadanjel (Istra danas – Istria today)  )