Complaints & returns

Dear customers,

If you get the wrong product, you've mistaken the order or simply the product does not suit you, please contact us at:
We will be happy to meet your needs!

As customers of goods or services online / outside of our shop you have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days.

Complaints on products will be recognized only in case of defective or damaged items.
Complaints will be recognized if they are addressed within 48 hours of receipt of the package.
If we find that the product is damaged or defective, we will offer the customer a replacement or refund.
In order to obtain the right to complain, it is mandatory to enclose the invoice and warranty card (if the product has it) of the purchased product.

Upon receipt of the claimed product we will contact you as soon as possible!

Complaints can be submitted by writing to the following address:

B.R.B. SPORT D.O.O.., F.Mošnja Šišan, 52204 LIŽNJAN, or e-mail address, or at fax number 052 217 874, or you
can use following platform:

On-line settlement of consumer disputes (platform for ORS)

Online Dispute Resolution