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Internet sites brbsport.hr are in the property of „B.R.B. Sport d.o.o.  (Ltd) for trade and services“. Terms and conditions apply for registered users.  The registered user (hereinafter user or registered user) can be any person who has full legal capacity and that accepts the „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ terms and conditions. At his first purchase, the customer can be registered and thereby fill in all required fields correctly and truthfully. By accepting the general terms and conditions the customer confirms his registration, thus becoming a registered user. Users are obliged to take care of the security of their user passwords and change them periodically. „BRB SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ is not responsible for cases of abuse of user passwords, but will immediately take the appropriate actions after the user communicates about a likely misuse. „BRB SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) trade and services“ fully disclaims all liability in any way arising from the use of this web site, or is in any way related to the use of the same, for any user's action, use or misuse of the contents of this web site, and for any damage that may arise to the user or to any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the contents of this web site. Registered users are entitled to purchase items on the site brbsport.hr and use them in good faith and intention. „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions and use of this site at any time. The changes take effect at the time of publication, which the user will be notified about by e-mail. It is considered that by joining the site users are familiar with the current rules and conditions for using the same, and confirm that by confirming the purchase. „BRB SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ tries to keep the information about the items  accurate and up to date, but distances itself from possible errors in the published informations. „BRB SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ does not assume responsibility or guilt for any errors or omissions that occurr in the content of this site, nor for the accuracy of the published informations, and is not responsible for the occasional non-functioning of the site or parts of it. Photos and images on these pages and on that of the partners do not necessarily match the products that are actually available. Some photos may be standard for a particular type of product. If  the available product deviates significantly from the products required characteristics „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ will inform the customer  and act according to the agreement.


Every registered user can buy items offered by „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ and displayed on the website brbsport.hr. The sales contract between the registered user and „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ becomes valid upon receipt of the ordered products and is valid only for Croatia. „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ will deliver all ordered  and paid products that are available on stock at the time of delivery. In case of a temporary inability  to deliver, „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ will contact the user and arrange a new delivery date, a replacement product or the cancellation of the ordered product, while the other available products will be supplied. In case of an absolute impossibility to deliver the ordered and paid products, „B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. (Ltd) for trade and services“ will make a refund.


All the listed prices are expressed in Croatian kuna and include accrued statutory VAT rate. Offers and prices for special promotions are valid until the expiry date stated on the website or while stocks last. The price does not include the shipping costs, which will be specifically mentioned by ordering. Shipping costs are not increased if the order is delivered on several occasions, but can be enlarged for the additional costs that may arise during the delivery and under the terms of the delivery service that performs this service. Shipping costs are free for all shipments whose value exceeds 800,00 Kuna, as well as for promotion items with the free shipping indications.


All products offered on the website "B.R.B. SPORT d.o.o. for trade and services" are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty terms of the products are set by the manufacturer and as such the „B.R.B. Sport d.o.o. for trade and services“ forwards them to users. All products are thoroughly inspected and shipped in proper conditions before handing them to the delivery service. At delivery, if the user notices damages caused during transport, he shall immediately contact the „B.R.B. Sport d.o.o for trade and services“ staff and report damage by phone or e-mail. In this case, the „B.R.B. Sport d.o.o. for trade and services“ will, at its own expense, deliver a new product to the user. In other cases, complaints to the ordered goods are solved within the warranty period and under the terms of warranty for that product, where the user contacts "B.R.B. SPORT doo for trade and services" in a way that is most appropriate (via phone, e-mail, in person). Suppliers of the products offered on the website brbsport.hr provide service in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. See more under: Terms > Complaints and returns


Delivery of ordered and paid products is carried out by a delivery service within 5 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Shipping is done exclusively on the Croatian territory. Shipping is free for orders over 800 HRK or products on promotions when this is pointed out in the description of the product. At delivery, the user is required to identify the delivery service employee, check for any damage to the shipment, and in the case of validity and correctness of the product to sign the delivery note confirming the receipt of the shipment. In the case of damaged shipment, the user is required to immediately report the shipment to the delivery service employee. „B.R.B: Sport d.o.o. for trade and services“ disclaims any liability that may arise from the moment of delivery to the delivery service to the moment of delivery to the user.


User can pay the ordered products through payment slip or bank transfer. If the user chooses to pay by bank transfer or payment slip, an e-mail address will be sent with  the oder confirmation and the required dana for payment. Ordered products are delivered to the user after verifying the payment in accordance with the terms of delivery.


Various messages are automatically sent to the user's e-mail address upon completion of the activities (certificate of registration, order confirmation, delivery notification or cancellation, confirmation of debit card transactions or cancellations). It's the user's duty to give correct information about the valid e-mail address.


Each user is free to send us any comments or suggestions related to the brbsport.hr webshop at the following contact: brb-sport@pu.t-com.hr

or by writing at the following address:


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