All goods from our program are delivered throughout the territory of Croatia.
All deliveries within Croatia are made through the DPD company.
Price of delivery depends on the size of the package and the time of sending.
Price of delivery to the islands is 50% higher.
Schedule of delivery to the islands can be downloaded here.

Free shipping for all bikes (except models on special sale offers).
Free shipping for all orders over 800,00 Kuna.

All bikes purchased at our BRB Sport store are prime-serviced!
Goods delivery within 7 days.
Customers  are free to self-organize delivery or pick up goods directly from our store.



Bicycles require special handling during packaging and transportation, that means that each bike that we send is additionally protected and adjusted to considerably minimize the possibility of damage. Every bike that we send is adjusted and ready to ride, but to reduce the possibility of damage during transportation we have to take the following steps (depending on the model, the size of the bike and that of the cardboard box): handlebar stem together with handlebar is rotated horizontally to the frame, brake levers and shifters are turned to face towards the floor in order to reduce the possibility of ruptures and distortions.
Done the delivery, the customer only has to use a wrench to turn the above mentioned parts back to their original position.


OTHER (parts, tires, accessories, wardrobe ...)

Other parts and accessories are packed in accordance with their shape and way of packaging.


For requests and orders you can contact us at:

tel: 052/574 680 or 052/574 865


or at:


F.Mošnja 5, Šišan